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10 Car Games to Play With Your Kids During Road Trips

What if you could survive an entire road trip without your kids constantly sharing how bored they are? Keep them occupied with these 10 car-friendly games to choose from, no materials necessary.  


Come up with crazy, unrealistic hypotheticals and see how your kids respond. An example could be something like, “What if our house was on a cloud? How would you get to school?” and see if they come up with something wild like, “I would ride to school on my pet dragon” to their reliability.   


Tell your kids to each pick a color and have them be on the lookout for cars of that color. Every person gets a point for each car they find with their chosen color, and the person with the most points by the end of the trip wins. Older kids or teens could choose a car brand or model instead of a color.   


State three “facts”, two of them true and one of them false and have your kids guess which one is the lie. Examples could be, “There are giraffes in Africa, goats can make milk, and grapes grow on trees”.  


Come up with a sentence or short story and secretly whisper it to someone. That person whispers it the best they can word-for-word to the next person, and the cycle repeats until it gets to the last person. The last person says the sentence or story out loud for everyone to hear how close it is to the original.  


At the start of your trip, each person chooses a different fast food restaurant. Every time you encounter a building or advertisement (the radio counts) of the place you chose, you get a point. The person with the most points by the end of the trip wins.  


Start with somebody saying a word that starts with the letter A. The second person repeats what was said for the letter A, then comes up with a word for the letter B. The next person repeats what was said for letters A and B, then comes up with a word for the letter C. Cycle through everybody until the entire alphabet is finished. Whoever ends up with the letter Z will have to remember what was said for every single letter!  


Before the trip, think of five words that are off-limits. During the entire trip, anyone who is caught saying any of the banned words will get a point. Like golf, the person with the least amount of points by the end of the trip is the winner.  


Set up a playlist of songs that everyone in the car is familiar with. Throughout the trip at completely random moments, hit pause and see who is able to keep the song going.  


Someone starts a story by saying a sentence or scene. Take turns going around and letting everyone add to the story with another sentence or scene and see how wild things get!  


Think of a word with a certain pattern in mind. Examples could be a word with double letters like “maroon” or a compound word like “cardboard”. See how long it takes for someone to break the code with another word that follows the pattern.

car games

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