10 Reasons to
Buy a mazda
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1. Most Stylish Design on the Market

While other cars are just cars, a Mazda is like a sophisticated art piece in action. Each model is smooth, sleek, and very easy to admire. Its sculpted sides will instantly draw your attention and you’ll find it hard to look away. The grill prominently features a logo that matches the soul of everything it stands for. This unique style is possible with the proud artists at Mazda who pay close attention to every single inch of every model they design.  

2. An Intuitive Design

The SkyActiv technology that is integrated into Mazda’s engine was created for a “car and driver are one” experience. This is called KODO: The Soul of Motion. Mazda set out to create a car that moves with the driver, not the other way around. Experience the difference, and you will notice the feeling immediately.  

The engine works in tandem with the design of the car’s frame to move seamlessly around corners and through terrain for the smoothest ride you’ll ever feel. When you step out after arrival, you’ll look back and be impressed. 

3. Ranked High on Fuel Efficiency

If you have a car as good-looking as a Mazda, wouldn’t you want to take it everywhere? While many luxury cars are meant for just luxury, Mazda is a car you can take daily to work, school, the store, and wherever else life takes you.  

No matter the design or the features, a Mazda is still a car. It should be able to get you to where you need to go and do it in the best way possible. What better way to do that than with amazing fuel efficiency? Just to name an example, the Mazda3 has 27 in-city miles to the gallon and 36 highway miles. That’s 3 mpg more than the average car!  

4. Top-Level Safety

Mazda includes so many safety features in their vehicles that they have a name for everything they create to keep you feeling secure on the road. i-ActivSense is an impressive collection of safety features that utilizes sensors and radars to help you stay on top of your surroundings. Some features include Blind Spot Monitoring, Lane Departure Warning, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, and Driver Attention Alert just to name a few.  

5. Built With Mazda-Grade Car Parts

When we service your Mazda, there’s a reason we don’t use just any brand of parts. Everything under the hood of a Mazda is expertly-designed to give you the best driving experience. That’s why we’ll only use Mazda-Grade parts, because that’s how it was meant to be. All of our service technicians have been trained to work on Mazdas. So instead of taking your car to any auto shop, you might as well bring it to people who are dedicated to working specifically on Mazdas.

Call our parts department at (844) 208-9445 to see what we have in stock, or make an appointment for our service center by calling (855) 631-3100.

6. Convenience With the Mazda App

Homes, money, social life, we control nearly every aspect of our lives right on our phones. Why not your car? The MyMazda App lets you lock, unlock, and start your car. You can also check on other specs of your car like tire pressure, gas level, mileage, and more. With this app, you’ll have a complete arsenal of features on your phone. Why even have keys? 

7. Sleek Entertainment

Most brands fuse the infotainment screen somewhere in the dash, but Mazda found a way to bring an elegant look to this common accessory. The smooth, borderless screen blends so well with the Mazda’s beautiful interior that you wouldn’t even notice it at first glance. The entertainment system is operated with the “Commander Control” placed just below the gear shift for easy access. The button placement feels more natural than reaching over and using a touch screen.  

8. Engineering Based on Human Feelings

Mazda’s goal is for people to feel emotions from the second they lay eyes on a vehicle to their experience in the driver’s seat. Every single aspect of a Mazda was crafted to make people feel happy and content. Whether it be the feel of the seats, the technology under the hood, or simply the color of the exterior, all of it is meant to bring out your feelings.  

9. Crafted by Dedicated Artists

While most car companies rely on computer software to create their models, Mazda never forgot its roots. Sculptors use clay to shape all of their prototypes because designing cars is an art form. Painters mix the perfect hues to find colors that will resonate with those who drive their cars. Every single stage of the design process is taken to heart.

10. An Iconic Look

When you’re out on the road, it’s easy to spot a Mazda in the crowd among other brands. From the grill to the iconic logo, everything about Mazda just stands out. Through the years, Mazda has kept their most successful designs and used that to move forward with constant improvements. An example of this is their classic roadster, the MX-5 Miata that debuted in 1989. The car was such a hit that the company has kept the model to this day, making adjustments but more or less keeping the heart of the original.  


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