2020 mirage g4

Right off the bat, the price point and look of this car tell me it is a great first car. Let’s jump into the details.

Model Options

The 2020 Mirage G4 is available in three trims. ES, the new LE, and the SE trims.  


The design of the cabin is said to be unambitious. My thoughts are opposite. Like I mentioned this comes off as a good first car, and if it is the first car I am purchasing it doesn’t look bad at all. Compared to its hatchback sibling, the G4 gives you an extra three inches of rear-seat legroom. It does fall short 2-3 feet of cargo space compared to its rivals.   

Drive Time

Talk about good gas mileage. A combined 37 mpg will keep your wallet happy. The G4 will exhibit tepid acceleration in everyday driving, and it will be noticed most on the freeway. The engine tends to get noisy at high speeds, but with a smaller sedan like this, I truly think that is something you might expect, therefore I wouldn’t call it a deal breaker.      

Tech and Safety

Bluetooth connectivity and a 7.0-inch display screen is standard on all Mirage G4 sedans. You will also get a four-speaker audio system, front USB port and auxiliary audio-input jack, and HD radio on the base models. Like most vehicles, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are optional add ons.   

Typically available driver-assistance features like lane-departure warning system are absent from the G4. These features are available on rivals like the Nissan Versa.    

Final Thoughts

Like I said before this car seems to be a great first car, and my opinion hasn’t changed. I think the biggest flaw to the G4 is the lack of safety features. That is quite important, whether you are 16 and it is your first car or you are an experienced driver. On the contrary, if you pay all your attention to the road I think you can have a safe driving experience. The price point, gas mileage, and space this car offers, is enough to add the list of cars to test drive.    


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