29 point inspection

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Our service departments at Prieto Automotive offer a 29 point inspection on every vehicle we service. This inspection will spot potential and current problems with your vehicle. In addition, our service technicians will let you know how urgent it is, and give you their professional recommendation on the next steps you should take.  

Our 29 point inspection includes:

First, one of our service consultants will check the following:  


  • Windshield check
  • Wiper blades and inserts (Part of Summer Car Care)
  • Washer spray and wiper operation
  • Horn, interior and exterior lights
  • HVAC operation
  • State inspection due date (if applicable)
  • Open Recalls   

Second, one of our technicians will check the following:    


  • Parking brake  

Under the hood

  • Windshield washer fluid level
  • Brake fluid level and condition of brake fluid (Part of Summer Car Care)
  • Automatic transmission fluid level
  • Power steering fluid level and condition of power steering fluid level (Part of Summer Car Care
  • Coolant recovery reservoir level and condition of coolant(Part of Summer Car Care)
  • Engine oil level and condition of engine oil (Want to check your oil yourself? See how)
  • Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF)
  • Skyactiv-D engine only
  • Cooling system for visible leaks and damage
  • Drive belts
  • Oil and/or fluid leaks
  • Air filter
  • Battery check    

Under Vehicle

  • Constant velocity (CV) drive axle boots
  • Clutch operation (if equipped)
  • Steering, steering linkages/wheel and play/bearings
  • Suspension (shocks/struts for bounce/leaks/damage)
  • Exhaust system (leaks, visible damage, loose parts)
  • Brake line and hoses
  • Tire check (tire tread depth and air pressure)
  • Measure front and rear brake linings
  • Brake measurements  

Finally, after the 29 point inspection you will know exactly what kind of attention your vehicle needs.

You also want to make sure to keep up with regular maintenance on your vehicle, to help your car last longer.

Schedule your service and 29 point inspection, online for Fresno Mazda, Sanger Chevrolet Buick GMC, Sonora Ford, and Subaru of Sonora.


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