The all-new Fresno Mazda

Fresno Mazda

The Meeting That Changed Everything

Earlier this year, a meeting took place between three distinct businesses. The owners of Prieto Automotive, Harris Mazda of Fresno, and Lithia Subaru of Fresno all sat down to discuss the futures of each of their companies and laid out a plan that would benefit everyone. John Harris would sell Harris Mazda of Fresno to Manuel Prieto and move the inventory over to Lithia Subaru’s old building once they’ve relocated to their newly-acquired establishment. Harris Mazda would be reopened as Fresno Mazda and Lithia Subaru would have a brand new place to bring in traffic. Being happy with the strategy, everyone shook on it and got to work!

Even though the owner of Harris Mazda was ready to sell his inventory, acquiring the Mazda brand was no random choice. The company produces quality cars that people love, and so Prieto Automotive takes pride in carrying the brand knowing that there are no other Mazda dealerships in the nearby area.

Calling Up the Best in the Business

When Manuel Prieto found the opportunity to own a brand new store in Fresno, he reached out to some old friends to create an unstoppable team.

Each individual placed in a position of leadership for Fresno Mazda has been carefully selected based on their past experiences and relations with one another. They have ten or more years put into the car industry and have proven their ability to handle important matters responsibly and professionally.

How did Manuel know who to call? Since starting up Prieto Automotive, he had been nurturing all of his connections. For example, Manuel had known Freddy for many years through Sonora Ford’s connection with Future Ford. Rather than treating each other like rivals, they had helped each other out in their business endeavors. This is how Manuel found talented individuals to make up the core of his management team for Fresno Mazda. The level of respect that he has for dedicated leaders is the foundation for this new collaboration, and they’re just getting started.

Who is the General Manager?
Freddy Flores was born and raised in the Central Valley and has been in the car industry for 15 years. He started off as a sales person before holding titles like Finance Manager, Finance Director, and General Sales Manager before Manuel Prieto offered him the opportunity to be the General Manager for the new Fresno Mazda. Freddy believes in family values, excellent leadership, and treating everyone like a longtime friend.

What is the plan?

Freddy Flores noticed that a Mazda dealership up in Northern California sells over one hundred vehicles a month. He reached out to them to ask about their business and was told that people absolutely love the quality of Mazda vehicles, it’s just a matter of exposure. Not too many people know the value of Mazda, and so we’re aiming to spread the word.

A big part of our plan is giving you the best possible experience. That means having a team who is knowledgeable and friendly so you feel comfortable and in good hands. We are also spreading our name online so everyone knows we’re in town. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram as we go on this journey together!

Mazda’s History With Fresno

The Mazda brand has had a small yet prominent presence in the Fresno area over the past few years, starting with Lithia Mazda of Fresno. In 2014, Lithia Mazda of Fresno was established at 5200 North Blackstone Avenue. The General Manager was Imran Mirza, and the store had served Fresno for about four years.

In late May of 2018, John Harris had bought Lithia Mazda of Fresno and renamed it Harris Mazda of Fresno. The location stayed the same, and many customers were becoming used to the new ownership. That is until November of 2019 when Manuel Prieto purchased the company from Mr. Harris and renamed it Fresno Mazda. But rather than keeping the location, Mr. Prieto acquired the old Lithia Subaru of Fresno building to house his new store. You can find Fresno Mazda at 5499 North Blackstone Avenue.

We Love Fresno County

Fresno is one of the largest cities on the map, which also means that it has a big heart. Since its foundation in 1872, this charming city was destined for greatness.

The city was founded by the Central Pacific Railroad Company. Leland J. Stanford, Director for the Railroad, was surveying the area for the perfect spot and came across a flourishing field of wheat. It was right there where he decided that Fresno would be a place of substantial agriculture. Fresno County is now known for producing almonds, cotton, grapes, peaches, and nectarines among other crops.

By 1890, just 18 years after it was born, the population of Fresno reached 10,000! The town was made up of a wide range of ethnicities such as Armenian, Chinese, Scandanavian, Japanese, and German. To this day, Fresno prides itself in being a city of culture and Prieto Automotive is honored to have a presence in such an amazing city.

What is Special About the Mazda Brand?

Mazda is known for their stylish look which is accomplished by their attention to quality craftsmanship. The company hires artists to design their vehicles because to Mazda, creating cars is an art. Instead of relying solely on computer engineering, sculptors will carefully shape prototypes. Instead of selecting colors from an existing palette, painters will mix colors until they find the perfect hue.

Creating beautiful vehicles is the idea behind Mazda, but they are also dedicated to reliability. After all, what is the point of a pretty car if it doesn’t run well? Mazda incorporates outstanding engineering into their design process to bring you a good-looking car that is safe and takes you places with efficiency.

Mazda is committed to producing premium vehicles the same way Prieto Automotive is dedicated to giving you an unforgettable experience the moment you come to any of our stores.

Come visit us!

We want to share the Fresno Mazda experience with everyone we can. Come down to meet the most friendly team and test drive a Mazda! We promise you’ll fall in love at first sight.