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How Sanger Chevrolet Buick GMC Came to Be

Prieto Automotive had recently purchased the Sanger Chevrolet Buick GMC location, but the store has actually been in the area for about 30 years! 

The dealership was previously owned by Lee Dorty under the name of Sequoia Chevrolet Buick GMC located in Downtown Sanger across from Lovegreens GMC. Mr. Dorty eventually saved up enough to move to 1028 Academy Avenue which is where the store is located now. He made physical expansions to the newer location by opening up the service center and adding in the sales building across the street. Mr. Dorty used whatever he could get his hands on to make improvements to his establishment.

After Lee passed away, the store was inherited by his sons Marty and Chad. They ran the business for a while before handing the keys to the business over to Manuel Prieto, President of Prieto Automotive.  

Why do we sell Chevrolet, Buick, and GMC?

We strive to give people what they want, and it’s almost unanimous that the people of Sanger love General Motors. The local community likes hard-working vehicles to match their strong spirit, and GM is a brand they know they can trust. The company is a great manufacturer with a long history, so people know what they’re getting when they choose a Chevrolet, Buick, or GMC. The fact that General Motors is the first real truck company is a testament to their reliability.

Our Place in the Community

Sanger is a small but charming town brimming with life. There is always something happening, and we’re always there to take it all in. We find value in knowing our community and so we take every opportunity we can to show our support. You’ll find us at the Apache sports games, annual parades held by the Sanger Chamber of Commerce, activities supporting charity organizations, and anything else that lets us show our Sanger spirit.

The History Of Sanger

How did the town get its name? In 1887, the Secretary and Treasurer of the Railroad Yardmasters Association went to an annual convention in San Francisco. At that meeting, the other board members gave him a very special surprise. They announced that a small town in Fresno County has been named after him. That man’s name was Joseph Sanger Jr.. The town was still in the surveying stage during the meeting, but was soon officially founded in 1888. Throughout the years, the town’s most famous accomplishment was being officially recognized as “The Nation’s Christmas Tree City” thanks to the large General Grant Tree.  

Why Do People Love Us?

If you go to any other dealership, you’ll most likely be accosted into buying the newest, latest car despite what you’re actually looking for. We got into this business because we understand the importance of being happy with your vehicle. Instead of trying to sell you the newest car with every available feature, the first thing we’ll ask you is what you need because every individual has a unique lifestyle. 

Do you need a pickup with just the minimum payload capacity? We get it, not everyone is looking to carry over 2,000 pounds. Do you want an SUV that can hold five passengers? We won’t pressure you into buying a nine-passenger car because you’re probably not bringing that many people on a daily basis. We listen to what need, not what we want to sell. That way, you can truly be happy with your purchase. And guess what? When you’re happy, we’re happy.  


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