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Every Mazda comes with a handful of these amazing safety features referred to as i-ActivSense technology. Take a look at the capabilities of the highly-intuitive i-ActivSense line of features designed to give you a safe trip wherever you go.  

Blind Spot Monitoring

You’ve checked all of your mirrors and you looked over your shoulder, but there’s still that possibility of another vehicle being in your blind spot. The Blind Spot Monitoring feature covers the 2% that you can’t see.  

The moment you activate your turn signal, the radar sensors in your Mazda are used to detect vehicles or other obstacles in your blind spot. It will warn you with icons on the mirror of the side you are trying to merge.  

Adaptive Front-Lighting System

This system was designed to assist you during nighttime driving sessions through your headlights. When you make a turn or encounter a shoulder in the road, the headlights will point in the direction you are headed so that your path is illuminated while you are turning rather than just straight ahead.  

The Adaptive Front-Lighting System is especially useful for noticing hazards ahead of your turn before you fully make it so you have more time to react. The headlights can turn up to 15 degrees.  

Rear Cross Traffic Alert

Backup cameras are nice for getting out of a parking space, but Rear Cross Traffic Alert takes it a step further to make sure you back out effortlessly. Rear cameras are used to detect motion from the right and left sides to alert you of a possible collision. This feature is great for packed lots or if you’re parked next to a large vehicle.  

Lane Departure Warning

You should always have eyes on the road, but sometimes distractions tend to grab your attention. Whatever the reason may be, you might find yourself straying out of your lane.  

Mazdas with Lane Departure Warning are able to identify lines on the road and will alert you if you drive outside of those lines.  

Lane-Keep Assist

Lane-Keep Assist works together with Lane Departure Warning to keep you on the road. Once i-ActivSense determines that the vehicle is at risk of going off-road or into the oncoming lane, your powered steering wheel will gently tug itself to keep you on the right path.

High Beam Control System

Manually turning your high beams off and on can be exhausting and you might even forget that you have them on after a while. The High Beam Control System knows when to adjust your lights automatically so you can put it out of mind while you’re focused on driving. This feature is very useful for detecting obstacles and pedestrians at night.  

Smart City Brake

While at low speeds, the vehicle preemptively brings the brake pads close together when a forward collision is imminent. If the driver does not apply the brakes, the vehicle will brake automatically. This feature has been known to prevent many in-city accidents whether at a crosswalk, in the parking lot, or right outside of driveways. 

Smart Brake Support

The regular Smart Brake feature works just like the Smart City Brake but at higher speeds. Rather than speeds recommended for parking lots and residential areas, the Smart Brake is meant for freeways, highways, and even country roads. This adaptation can detect other vehicles and obstacles up to 200 meters.  

Mazda Radar Cruise Control

While the traditional cruise control allows you to set and maintain a certain speed, Mazda’s Radar Cruise Control senses vehicles ahead of you and adjusts the speed to maintain a safe distance. This is a great alternative to the stop-and-go method when you’re behind a vehicle that does not keep a consistent speed.  

Forward Obstruction Warning

With Forward Obstruction Warning, Mazda vehicles are able to calculate the distance of the vehicle ahead in correlation to the current speed to identify possible collisions. If a forward collision is likely to happen, it will sound an alert to give the driver a chance to act accordingly.  

Predictive All-Wheel Drive

Mazda vehicles that have Predictive AWD are equipped with over 25 sensors that work 200 times a second. What do these sensors work so hard for? They stay active in recognizing when wheels lose their traction. When that happens, the vehicle diverts power away from the wheels that aren’t able to get a grip over to the wheels that are more likely to prove useful.  

This feature comes in handy in extreme conditions like rain and snow. The coolest thing about Predictive AWD is that it kicks in so seamlessly that you won’t even realize when it’s working.  

Driver Attention Alert

Driver Attention Alert is one of the most intelligent safety features out there. First, it learns your driving patterns at speeds over 65 miles per hour. Based on that information, it is able to tell when you’re becoming fatigued or losing attentiveness. When that happens, it sends out an alert advising you to find a place to safely pull over and rest.  

Those are all of the amazingly high-tech safety features that are offered in Mazda’s i-ActivSense. Features are carefully selected for every model to optimize the way you drive. To learn more about included features, visit MYFRESNOMAZDA.COM


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