Christian Herrera – Sales Manager for Fresno Mazda

Christian Herrera is a man who never fails to follow his heart. He lives in the moment and does so with pride, always facing his challenges by giving it his all. Christian’s admirable character is the result of being raised by humble roots and shaping his future on his terms.

Christian’s story begins in Los Angeles where his father worked as a carpenter. His mother would stay home to raise him and his four older siblings. The family made frequent trips out to Mexico until they eventually moved there. Christian stayed in Mexico all the way through junior high school before moving back to America to live in a town called Roseville. He considers Roseville to be his hometown because that’s where he started making a name for himself.

After graduating high school, Christian wanted a job where he could help and serve others. He heard back from many restaurants and stores where he had put in job applications, but none of those places had what he was looking for. His brother worked at the Roseville Auto Mall and coaxed him into being a sales person. At age 19, Christian was officially welcomed into the car industry. There, he was finally able to find joy in helping people by finding them cars that they love.

From Roseville Auto Mall, Christian worked his way through Future Nissan and Capitalist City Chevrolet where he gained rank as a Business Development Manager and Finance Manager. He excelled everywhere he went and he enjoyed his work. Even still, he decided it was time to take a break and spend time with his family. He spent 5 years in Mexico lending a helping hand on the family farm.

After putting in the time to support his family in Mexico, Christian came back to America to continue his career in the car business. He accepted a job with Future Ford where he stayed for 5 years starting as a sales person and quickly working his way up to Business Development Manager. His time at Future Ford came to a close once Freddy Flores presented him with an opportunity to create an outstanding business at Fresno Mazda.

Christian’s secret to success is prioritizing customer relations. He keeps a database of everyone he meets and connects with them not as a sales person, but as a friend. He will call people just to wish them a “Happy Birthday” with no ulterior motive, or he’ll call to say hello and catch up. And of course he will help those who need assistance with their vehicle. If someone is due for a service, he’ll schedule an appointment for them on the spot. When Christian looks at someone, he doesn’t see a customer. He sees a human being, and a friend.

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