Craigslist Cars

Craigslist Cars

Using Craigslist Cars – Keeping Safe & Getting a Good Price For Your Vehicle

When you’re thinking about selling your car, you want to do it in the easiest possible way while getting a price for it that you’re happy with.

You might consider whether you would be better off selling your car privately by yourself or trading it in at the dealer against the price of a new car.

Many people are finding themselves turning to Craigslist cars to advertise and sell their cars.

With Craigslist being open and free for everyone to use – it can sometimes be a frustrating and dangerous website, especially when you have something valuable you’re looking to sell.

How do you make sure you’re staying safe while trying to privately sell your car?

Craigslist Cars vs Trading-in

Which one will offer me the best price for my vehicle?

Selling privately will probably make you more money than if you trade it in against the cost of a new car.

The dependent factor is whether or not you want to go through the hassle of selling your car yourself.

When you trade it in, it’s just taken off your hands whereas with a private sale you’re responsible for doing all the leg work.

With selling privately, you also have the risk that your car won’t sell at all.

With a trade-in, this generally isn’t an issue. The dealer will offer you a price for your car no matter what state it is in.

Some dealers will even offer you a trade-in without you buying a new car. They will inspect your vehicle and provide you with an offer of an amount they are willing to pay you to take it off your hands.

Is it Safe To Sell Your Car on Craigslist Cars?

While Craigslist has its downfalls, it is generally a trustworthy website to use. It is used by millions of people every day.

More people than ever looking to sell their car privately.

Combine this with the fact that car-owners are holding onto their cars for longer than ever before and it’s no wonder we are seeing an influx of people looking to Craigslist cars to sell their car.

The website has become popular with sellers, buyers, and even dealers looking for bargains.

As with any kind of private sale – you need to be cautious.

No doubt you will have heard from a friend about their friend who got scammed on

While it does happen, there are many success stories as well. You need to be sensible and careful with the private information you give out on Craigslist.

What Steps Can You Take To Ensure You’re Selling Safely?

It’s important to be logical and sensible when you’re looking to use Craigslist cars to sell your vehicle.

Bear in mind that you don’t know the people you are dealing with on Craigslist, and they don’t know you.

If something feels too good to be true – it usually is. Trust your gut instinct and use your common sense when it comes to selling your car on Craigslist.

Some steps you can take to protect yourself against scammers are:

  • Never meet a prospective buyer at your home address. Meet in a public location and take another person with you if you can so you’re not alone. If you have to go alone, make sure someone knows where you are going and when
  • Put as many pictures of the car in your advert as you can, showing it from all different angles and being clear about any scratches or bumps. This will help to save both yourself and the prospective buyer from wasting their time if the car wasn’t what they were expecting
  • Take your car through a car wash before you go and valet the inside. This will help to show it off as best as you can!
  • Always ask for cash where possible
  • Bring all of the car’s paperwork with you. Remember that the prospective buyer doesn’t know you either and they will likely want some evidence from you that you own the car and are free to sell it on
  • Save any negotiations on price for when you meet in person to avoid the buyer trying to knock you down on price twice
  • Set up a new Hotmail account solely to sell your car. This will help to keep your identity private. You should always avoid giving out your phone number wherever you can. There are ways that people can use this information to find out your personal information so you want to avoid this if you can.

Craigslist Cars

How Do You Increase the Value of your Car?

You want to get the most money you can when you sell your car, right?

There are a few things you can do before you list your car on Craigslist Cars or try and trade it in which will serve you well in increasing its value.

  1. Give it a deep clean. If your car looks like it’s been looked after by you, it will automatically look like it’s worth more than if it’s been neglected. A simple wash and vacuum while getting rid of all the trash will make a world of difference (especially for your photographs)
  2. Make any small repairs that you can. Easy fixes like replacing wiper blades can make a modest difference in the price you’ll be offered for your vehicle.

How Much Is Your Car Worth When You Trade It In?

The usual process of trading in a car is to sell the dealership your vehicle who then subtracts this value from the new car you are buying.

The remaining purchase price of the new vehicle will be paid for by you either through cash or an automotive loan.

As mentioned above, trade-in is an easier process than trying to make a sale through craigslist cars because you don’t need to worry about finding a buyer who is interested in your car.

Dealers take trade-ins every day. They will then resell the vehicles for a profit which means you may be paid less for it than you would if you were to sell privately through craigslist.

You may notice a difference as big as a couple of thousand dollars.

How Do You Know How Much Your Car Is Worth?

There are tools you can use online to find out the value of your car.

For example, the Kelley Blue Book offers a pricing calculator to help you get a “ball-park” figure to start with when it comes to selling.

With the KBB website, you’ll be asked a few pieces of information which will allow the system to generate a value for you that it estimates your car is worth.

KBB will also helpfully give you two different values: a trade-in value and a private sale value

While you may believe that your car is worth the figure listed in the Blue Book, you will need to think about how urgent it is for you to sell your car. You should also bear in mind that buyers want a good deal as much as you do.

They will likely be looking to negotiate down the price with you when making a sale on Craigslist cars.

Using Craigslist Cars

Craigslist cars can be a cheap, easy, and quick way of selling your car.

So long as you follow your instincts and use common sense when dealing with potential buyers – it is generally safe.

When considering the benefits of using Craigslist cars against trading it in, you should consider, how quickly do I need to sell my car? How much do I need to make from it? What condition is it in?

Asking yourself the above questions will help you to make the right decision for you.

You might make a bit more money selling on Craigslist cars as opposed to trading in but you need to weigh this up against the effort it will take you to sell it.

On the other hand, trading it in against a new car will make you less money but it will be an easier process – no matter how nice (or not!) your car is.

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