Electrifying Engineering: STEM Videos and Projects to Inspire Future EV Leaders

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many schools and summer programs are closed around the world. Parents, teachers and students everywhere are now searching for educational content and new ways to keep kids’ minds active and inspired outside the classroom. And while the pandemic has certainly turned lives upside down, it has also given us a glimpse into what a world with zero crashes, zero emissions and zero congestion could look like. News reports are saying traffic is lighter, car accidents are plummeting, and the air is cleaner.      

Now we want to show future engineers the potential they possess to keep these positive changes going.   

General Motors is lending support by releasing Electrifying Engineering, a free video series designed to foster ingenuity through hands-on activities, while educating kids about electric vehicle technology. After all, who doesn’t love talking gigawatts at the dinner table?      

Learning STEM Online

Electrifying Engineering episodes, which will be released every Sunday through July 2020, are hosted by members of the GM team and will delve into a wide range of topics, including electric car charging, electric car motors, autonomous vehicle sensors and more. Each episode will feature an interactive engineering project designed for viewers to conduct in the comfort of their own homes, with everyday household items.   

When the project is complete, viewers are encouraged to share a picture on social media using the hashtag #ElectrifyingEngineering.   

As we all juggle changes to how we work and spend time with family, we hope to share what we hold to be true at General Motors – creativity and innovation know no bounds. From teachers finding new ways to stay in touch with their students, to automakers retooling plants to produce critical healthcare supplies, we’re all stepping up to face the challenge together.   

It is possible to make a difference and we hope these videos will inspire the young, budding engineers of the future to help us reach our zero-zero-zero vision.   

To learn about joining the GM team, visit our careers website.

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    ELECTRIFYING ENGINEERING STEM VIDEOS AND PROJECTS TO INSPIRE FUTURE EV LEADERS. Source: https://www.gm.com/masthead-story/stem-electric-car-projects.html