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Fresno Mazda contributes over $35,000 locally to our valleys healthcare heroes

Fresno Mazda contributes over $35,000 locally to our valleys heathcare heroes. In collaboration with Mazda North America Operations we honored our valley healthcare heroes. The Essential Car Care Program offered standard free oil changes and enhanced vehicle cleaning.   

The program ran between April 16 and May 31 and we honored more than 750 local healthcare workers. The Essential Car Care program developed in partnership with the Mazda Dealer Network, and invested more than $5 million in the initiative nationwide.  


“Our dealerships are all about preserving the community, and that can only be done by putting people before profits. We pour our love and soul into the way we treat our customers, community and neighbors by being supportive however we can.” Says Manuel Prieto, President of Prieto Automotive.

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