How to clean your cars interior
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Are you an, “I’ll do it myself,” kind of person? If you are, here are some tips on how to clean your cars interior, correctly and quickly. These will help your car looking, feeling and smelling like new. Let’s get to it.


Change your cabin filter

Your vehicle’s cabin filter keeps pollen and contaminants from entering the vehicle when the heater or AC is in use. Typically, this filter is located within the dashboard and you can get to it from the glovebox. Replacing this filter is affordable and can be done at home with tools that you probably have. Once it is replaced, your vehicle will be able to circulate fresh air through the cabin.  

Wipe down interior surfaces

The inside of your vehicle is prone to collecting dust and getting dirty. With that being said, it is a good idea to wipe down the interior surfaces like the dashboard, center console, and steering wheel with either a disinfectant wipe or specialty automobile interior wipes. These wipes will help improve the appearance of those surfaces and make the interior smell clean.  

Clean and condition the upholstery

Just like every other part of your vehicle, your seats will get dirty. A quick fix is, yet again, the vacuum. Run this over your cloth or leather seats for an effective way to provide a deep clean. If you own a vehicle with leather seats, you should take an extra step and use a specialized leather care product. These products are designed to deep-clean the leather surfaces and help to prolong the appearance and finish of your vehicle’s leather interior from UV rays.  


When you think of how to clean your cars interior, windows probably don’t come to mind. But cleaning them on the inside is just as important as cleaning them on the outside. It is always easy to recognize when your windows need a good cleaning. It is also something you can do in between pumping gas and it will be a good solution. The better solution though, is to clean them with a product that is dedicated to cleaning glass. These products work better at removing grime from the glass. If you want to achieve a streak-free finish use a microfiber towel for the best results. 

Don’t pack unnecessary extras

Your trunk is another area that can benefit from a good cleaning. We store so many things in our trunk and don’t think too much of it because we don’t see it every-time we go for a drive. While you are cleaning the rest of your vehicle, remove all unnecessary items from your trunk. It will give you so much more valuable space and allows the trunk lining to be cleaned also.If you have items that you need to keep in your trunk, consider purchasing a trunk organizer. It will allow you to keep those must-have items in your car or trunk without creating clutter.  

Use these tips on how to clean your cars interior to keep your vehicle looking and feeling new.


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