Leather Seat Care

How to Take Care of Leather Seats

When you’re at a dealership choosing your next vehicle, the allure of leather seats is way too tempting. It’s totally ok to embrace the leather lifestyle as long as you know how to maintain upkeep. It’s not as tedious as it sounds, there’s just a lot of waiting involved so you may want to do this on a day when you’re free. 

What is there to maintain anyway? If you don’t regularly clean and condition your seats, you will notice cracking and fading over time. There’s no point in going for leather if it’s not even worth showing off.  


There are a few variables to consider when picking out leather cleaner and conditioner. We recommend going for a brand that uses natural ingredients so it’s less harsh on you, your vehicle, and the environment. If you own other leather products like jackets, wallets, etc. then there are cleaners that are safe for all leather types and not just car seats. Also be on the lookout for bottles of concentrated cleaner. You don’t want to mistake a concentrate for regular cleaner and ruin your seats from an overdose of chemicals. Concentrates are a good bang for your buck if you don’t mind diluting it with water every time.  


Before you start spraying away, you want to get rid of any debris by vacuuming up your seats. There’s nothing worse than creating mud or dealing with soggy crumbs.

Once you’re ready to go you can start spraying down your seats with cleaner and wiping them down. Make sure the seats are all the way dry before going on to the next step. It could take a few hours for the dampness to be completely gone so you might want to use this time to make lunch or catch up on your shows. 

Now it’s time to apply the conditioner. You want to be generous and even with your coating without the liquid collecting into a crevasse and making a lake. Once you’re confident with your coat, wait a few hours for the conditioner to absorb into the seats. 

That’s all there is to it! It’s easy, just a lot of waiting. We recommend doing this every few months to keep your seats looking fresh.

Leather Seat Care

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