How to workout with a Chevrolet Silverado

“Synergy is not a place, it’s a lifestyle.”

Owner Walt Gonzales, says about his personal training company, which until recently was open seven days a week since 2007. The spread of Coronavirus has put a closed sign on his gym window, but it hasn’t stopped him from getting in his daily workouts.


While he has turned his garage into a home gym, with all of the essential equipment he brought home from Synergy Personal Training, he has also utilized other household items in his workouts.

What is the lifestyle?

“It is a healthy way of living, which will allow you to do more than the average person. Sitting on the couch is not an option. We are actively fit, and in your face!” Gonzales said. Oh, and he is not the only one in his family who is living the Synergy lifestyle. His daughters who were out skateboarding while we were chatting (on the phone), have also joined him on some workouts.

Walt Gonzales says working out is something we can do anywhere, and he means it. His favorite place on the road to work out is Millerton. He packs up his chevy with all the equipment he needs for an outdoor workout and hits the road. “My Chevrolet matches what I like to do and where I like to go,” he said when telling me about his off-road adventures. He even added that he incorporates his truck into those outdoor workouts.

His positive energy had my attention from the jump, but hearing him say that he uses his truck with some workouts, sparked my interest on a whole new level. So, Sanger Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Synergy Personal Training are teaming up for an outdoor, “Training Doesn’t Stop,” workout, incorporating the Chevrolet Silverado.