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In the market for a new car? Got your eye on the very attractive Mazda CX5? Well, first off allow me to say, good choice. The CX5 is everything a luxury vehicle is, minus a few dollars on the price tag. The five seater SUV has a touch of class with enough technology you will need. It is a great vehicle for a family or for one person who wants more space than a sedan has to offer.  With all that said, the next choice is, do you lease or buy a Mazda CX5? 

Mazda CX5 lease:

  • Lower monthly payment – When you lease a vehicle you are paying for a portion of it, which will make your monthly payment lower than if you were to purchase a vehicle for the same amount of time.
  • Sales Tax – When you lease a vehicle you will pay taxes each month instead of upfront, like you would if you purchase a vehicle.
  • Down Payment – More often than not, a down payment is required to lease a vehicle.
  • Flexibility – You can sell or trade-in your leased vehicle anytime during your lease. If you decide you want to purchase the vehicle that is always an option also.
  • Warranty – Your vehicle will be on warranty throughout the whole lease period.
  • Always up to date – Because a lease lasts only three years, if you choose to lease a new vehicle every time it is up, you will always be in the newest vehicle, with a low payment.
  • Walk away after lease – Once the lease is up, you can walk away without any baggage. The lease is done, you turn in your car, and keep moving.
  • Commute – Hear me out. This ties in with a lower payment. If you are not driving often and when you do, it is a quick drive to work and back home and a few errands here and there, why not do that all while having a lower payment. If you won’t exceed the allotted mileage, the lower payment on a lease just makes sense, doesn’t it?

Does a lease look good to you? Find out more about leasing a vehicle.   

Still not sure if you want to lease or buy a Mazda CX5? 

Mazda CX5 Purchase:

  • Sales tax – You will pay sales tax upfront when you purchase the vehicle. That can be an unexpected surprise to some. It might even be something that not everyone can afford.
  • Monthly Payment – In order to get a payment that is as low as you might want it, you will have to sign up for a term that lasts anywhere from 5-7 years. That means you are locked in for a long time. If you want a lower monthly payment there are ways to achieve that.
  • Down payment – What does a down payment do? When it comes to purchasing a vehicle, a down payment is used to lower the total amount of money you are asking to borrow from the bank. Is a down payment required? In the case that a bank approves you for a lower amount than you need, yes, a down payment is needed to cover the balance.
  • Warranty – The manufacturer warranty will expire after 36 months. That can leave you in some unexpected and expensive situations. Keeping up with regular maintenance on your vehicle will help your vehicle last longer.
  • Congratulations – After you have paid off your Mazda CX5, it is yours to do with what you please. On the other hand, it is yours, as is all the financial responsibilities that come with it.
  • Sell or Trade-In – At any time, you can sell your vehicle or you can trade it in.   

At Fresno Mazda we have made it even easier to purchase a vehicle, using our Express Purchase online program. You can shop, calculate payments, and pick up your vehicle or have it delivered to you. Learn more about Express Purchase.

Whether you decide to lease or buy  the 2020 Mazda CX5 we can help you get in the drivers seat. Check out our inventory online or come by to shop in person. We are close to Clovis, Selma, Madera, Kerman, and Kingsburg. Take a look at our inventory.


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