Lithia Nissan of Clovis

Lithia Nissan of Clovis

370 Herndon Ave
Clovis, California 93612
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77K mi

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22K mi

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82K mi

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43K mi

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Lithia Nissan of Clovis

The Lithia Nissan of Clovis dealership offers new, used, and leasing options on new models. They also have commercial vehicles such as pick-up trucks and smaller passenger and cargo vans. They also have a Service Center and Parts Center, as well as offer Tire Rotation.

As well as being able to go to the dealership there is an option to “Buy From Home,” where your new car can be delivered to you. Traditionally, most people do prefer to test drive a vehicle before purchasing it, to experience the power of the car and evaluate its features and space.

You can book a test drive and experience driving the many models that Lithia Nissan of Clovis has.

Range of Models at Lithia Nissan of Clovis

Choosing a vehicle and which Nissan model is the one for you means taking into account your lifestyle, work needs, and even your future needs. While a sporty coupe is a great option for individuals it does have space limitations when it comes to the needs of a family. Bigger sedans, SUV’s and pickup trucks offer a lot more space and greater utility than sportier, smaller models.

What are your current, and future needs? Lithia Nissan of Clovis has a range of models to suit your lifestyle, both your personal and business needs. There are various financing and trade-in options available to customers.

Nissan Models and Going Green

Nissan has a wide range of vehicles to suit every lifestyle. If you’re away camping with your family or enjoy a sporty SUV, going off-road, or need space to collect the sports team and mascot, there is a model for you. Many consumers are going green and choosing electric or energy-saving fuel hybrid vehicles. Nissan is committed to lowering carbon and offers new technology to achieve this goal.

Nissan offers innovative electric, hybrid, and cross-over vehicles:

  • Versa Sedan, Sentra Sedan, Maxima Sedan, Ultima Sedan
  • Nissan LEAF Hatchback
  • Nissan Kicks SUV, Nissan Rogue SUV, Rogue Sport SUV, Nissan Armada SUV
  • Nissan Pathfinder SUV, Nissan Murano SUV
  • Nissan Frontier Truck, Nissan Titan Truck, Titan XD,
  • NV Cargo 1500 Van, NV Cargo 2500 Van, NV Cargo 3500 Van ( or Passenger), NV 200 Van
  • Nissan GTR Coupe, 370 Z Coupe

Lithia Nissan of Clovis offers a range of Nissan models for both personal and commercial use. Should you go green? Are you thinking about changing to electric power?

The Nissan LEAF S PLUS

The Nissan LEAF offers great economy at 106.0/92.0 mpg City/Hwy and this hatchback has up to 226 miles on a single charge with its 62-kWh battery. It has three charging level options and the 160 kW motor packs 214HP – a powerful engine and driving force that allows for speedy acceleration and zip.

Alongside lowering carbon emissions which is good for the environment, there are also other cost savings with an electric car. There are no tune-ups, oil changes, or maintenance needs related to an internal combustion engine and the ride is silent. Cruising along, you are in your cabin with no engine noise to hear, at all.

Lithia Nissan of Clovis

Lithia Nissan of Clovis offers a wide range of models to choose from. It is important to consider your lifestyle needs when looking at a vehicle. It is especially important to be practical when evaluating your fuel needs, lifestyle, and fundamental needs when using your vehicle.

If you are traveling great distances, in areas that may not offer you easy energy charging options, a hybrid may be a better choice. It is important to be both conscientious but practical when deciding about your fuel and travel needs. Nissan offers a range of vehicles to suit every lifestyle and terrain.