Our Path to a Better Planet

At General Motors, we believe that we all share a responsibility to protect our environment. That’s why we are working to create an all-electric, zero-emissions future. Across the company, we have made strides to achieve this vision and set ambitious global sustainability goals to help reduce the impact of our operations and products on the environment.     

In addition to setting sustainability goals, we have also committed to increasing the percentage of sustainable materials in our vehicles. In partnership with our suppliers, at least 50 percent of the materials in our vehicles will be sustainable by 2030.  

To help us accomplish these goals, we’ve established a Sustainability Office with our chief sustainability officer Dane Parker at the helm. Dane, along with many internal and external partners, will work to aggressively achieve our vision.      

Lastly, we believe it’s imperative to develop a National Zero Emission Vehicle program to help accelerate our country’s move to an all-electric, zero emissions future. Working on a national and global level is the only way we can help create change at scale.      

The stakes are high, and time is short. Let’s act now to create a better planet we can all be proud of.   


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