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Prieto Automotive will rock the Superbowl!

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Just from those six syllables alone,

you probably know what to start chanting next. The Prieto Automotive name will resonate throughout the community the same way you can’t go to any sports game without hearing the catchy and familiar song by America’s favorite classic rock band. We’re setting out the red carpet as our journey to fame begins shortly after halftime during Super Bowl LIV when we inevitably rock your socks off.
We’ll be right there with you in your living room to help you get pumped up for the grand conclusion between the Niners and the Chiefs. How, you ask? Don’t worry, we’re not going to sneak in through your bathroom window and snag a beer or anything like that. You’ll actually be seeing us on your television screen as we bring you our very first major debut as Prieto Automotive! In the past, we’ve heavily promoted our individual stores in Sonora, Sanger, and Fresno. Now we’re ready to shout the Prieto Automotive name to the world with an engaging tv spot for the ages.
Manuel Prieto, President of Prieto Automotive, said, “For about a month now, we were talking about placing the company in an environment with lots of eyes and decided that the Super Bowl would be a great venue.”

The commercial will feature vehicles from both Sanger Chevrolet Buick GMC and Fresno Mazda with footage shot from familiar locations such as River Park, Shaver Lake, Fresno State, School House Restaurant, and Downtown Fresno. The visual focus of the advertisement will be on the wide range of brands we have to offer, and the beauty of our top-of-the-line vehicles will drive home the essence of what Prieto Automotive stands for. So what are we doing with these assets? We’re reimagining “We Will Rock You” by Queen using a distinct mix of car-related sounds that have been cleverly adapted to match the recognizable tune.

“We want people to feel good about Fresno and drive our message in a fun way.”

How did this fun and spunky idea come to fruition? We had a very ambitious goal, and so we needed the right people for the job. Manuel interviewed many agencies before trusting Meza Films to handle the task. “We want people to feel good about Fresno and drive our message in a fun way.”
“Out of everyone we talked to, Meza had the most creative mindset while being able to stick to the overarching message and so we asked them to collaborate with our General Managers to come up with something fun and creative.”
Meza Films uses their talent to build a quality reputation for Fresno-centric entities like the Tioga Brewing Company, Fresno Pacific University, Granville Homes, Root, Pelco, and many other members of the community. They also collaborate with fellow agencies to bolster local happenings, examples being with Jeffrey Scott Agency for Art Hop and JP Marketing for a social media campaign for Tioga Sequoia. Meza pours their heart and soul into everything they do because they’re drawn to Fresno for the people, community, and artistic culture.
By combining Meza Film’s renowned expertise and Prieto Automotive’s immeasurable spirit, we’re confident in proving our love for the local community with our special tribute to its wonderful people. After seeing what we’ve made just for you, you can come to us knowing that we are made up of fun and caring individuals who are just like you.

We have no doubts that our video will have you clapping and singing along to the beat right from your couch. All of us at Prieto Automotive have our game faces on as we gear up for the much anticipated Super Bowl LIV on February 2nd so we can join you in your excitement. We’ll see you at the game, and…

“We will rock you.” – Manuel Prieto

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