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Front Differential Gasket Replacement

The Importance of the Gaskets On Your Car Should Not be Understated 

The modern car engine is a complex system of electrical components, hardware and fluids. Without the fluid to keep the hardware lubricated, serious damage can be caused to your engine. And be very expensive to replace. In between the different engine parts, responsible for sealing off a certain section and maintaining fluid levels, are gaskets.

Without gaskets, your engine would be a leaky mess that smells bad, smokes, and does not operate correctly. Keep on reading to learn about the front differential gasket, and when you should get it replaced.

What is a Differential Gasket?

The front differential on your car is the component that is responsible for converting the power from the engine to the horizontal axel. Rear-wheel-drive cars have a rear differential, front-wheel cars have a front differential, and 4-wheel or all-wheel drives have a differential on both the front and rear axles.

A properly functioning differential provides precise control of transmission power to the respective wheels.

In order for the mechanism in the differential to function, lubrication is required. Differential oil is what keeps the differential operating smoothing. And the differential gasket is what maintains the fluid inside and keeps it from leaking out.

Gaskets are oftentimes made of silicone. They are seals that get squeezed in between engine parts to keep fluid in one place and prevent leakage.

Gaskets, like other engine parts, are prone to failing. When the front differential gasket fails, your car will begin to leak and your differential will no longer operate correctly.

The Importance of Differential Gasket Repair

Unless the is very bad, your car will continue to operate. So, in that case, the gasket replacement can wait for a convenient time.

However, the more time you go without repairing your leaving gasket, the worse the condition of the differential will get. If the differential is without lubrication for quite some time, additional damage will be caused to the mechanism. This is will make the repairs even more costly.

How is Gasket Replacement Performed?

In order to replace the leaking or failed gasket, the mechanic will take the following steps:

  • The front wheels will be removed
  • The front differential will be drained of the remaining fluid
  • The failed gasket will be completely removed
  • A new gasket will be installed, and the differential will be filled with fluid
  • The tires are reinstalled
  • The vehicle is taken for a test drive to test the differential repairs

How Much Does a Front Differential Gasket Replacement Cost?

Replacing the front differential is a serious repair. Depending on the condition of the differential, your vehicle may require a complete overhaul of the front differential. Other times, the mechanic will just need to replace the gasket.

Most maintenance to the front differential gasket costs around $200. However, the final price will depend on the make, model, and year of your vehicle.

If the damage is severe, may have to dismantle the differential system which will cost more money. Full overhauls of the front differential can cost up to $800.

To avoid serious damage, and a massive bill, we recommend having your car serviced at the first sign of something wrong.

Signs your Front Differential Needs Repair

  • A puddle of fluid under the car, or a seeping differential mechanism
  • Atypical noises such as a grinding sound when the car gets put in drive
  • Atypical burning smells while your car is running
  • Difficulties with handling the vehicle
  • Intense road vibrations when you drive the car

If you notice any of these signs, then we recommend you contact your local mechanic as soon as possible.

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Front Differential Gasket Replacement