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Transmission Speed Sensor Replacement

The Essential Guide to Transmission Speed Sensor Replacement

The engine and transmission rotate at different speeds, so it’s imperative the vehicle’s computer can calculate the speed of the transmissions torque converter or input shaft. The transmission speed sensor provides the information by way of a magnetic sensor.

This sensor keeps a count of the revolutions internally and passes the information to the transmission control unit. Here, the data is used to ascertain the rotational speed. If the speed is too fast, the gears need to be changed.

How to Know if You Have Transmission Speed Sensor Failure?

During normal vehicle maintenance, the transmission speed sensor isn’t part of the check. If you experience unusual shifting or speedometer readings, this could point to transmission speed sensor failure. Here are more common signs;

  • Rough or improper shifting. Without a speed signal from the sensors, the shifting of gears will feel rough and or even move quicker than normal. Automatic transmissions are designed to move smoothly and if left to move roughly, internal components may become damaged
  • Cruise control has stopped working. The transmission speed sensors monitor the shaft speed and play a part in cruise control. If the sensors fail to pass on accurate data, an error code will be sent, shutting down the cruise control
  • Check engine light comes on. If the transmission speed sensors lose their signal, the check engine light on the vehicle dashboard may be illuminated. Ask your mechanic to inspect why the check engine light has come on
  • The speedometer and/or odometer has failed. Speedometers are powered by a speed sensor linked to the transmission. When this fails, your speedometer may also stop working

Points to Remember

  • You cannot repair transmission speed sensors; they need to be replaced.
  • To access the failed part, certain cars will need the engine mount to be removed.
  • Other problems show similar symptoms to transmission speed sensor failure. Ask an expert to inspect your vehicle to pinpoint the exact cause of the problem.

Can You Drive with A Faulty Transmission Speed Sensor?

You can, but it’s generally considered unsafe and could lead to damage to other parts of your vehicle. If you notice faulty transmission sensor signs, get your vehicle checked as soon as possible.

How Transmission Speed Sensor Replacement Works

  • Your dedicated mechanic will verify the transmission speed sensor needs to be replaced.
  • Jack stands are used to lift and support the vehicle at the desired height.
  • The transmission speed sensor is located and removed from the transmission housing.
  • A new transmission speed sensor is installed and connected.
  • The vehicle is removed from the jack stands, road-tested, and scanned.

How Long Does It Take to Change a Transmission Speed Sensor?

If you catch the problem early, a professional mechanic can change a transmission speed sensor in a few hours. When a faulty transmission sensor has been left for a long period, more damage can occur, meaning more time will be needed to fix the problem.

Get Your Transmission Speed Sensor Fixed Fast at Prieto Automotive

The team at Prieto Automotive can inspect and replace your transmission speed sensor fast and at the best price. We love cars and we love cars that run smoothly so you can rest assured your car is safe with us. Fill out the online form or come visit us at the dealership!

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