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Little Things Matter—Why You Might Need a Trunk Latch Adjustment

Chances are, you haven’t given much thought to a trunk latch until it needs repair or replacement. This important vehicle component is often overlooked until it no longer works. When your trunk latch is stuck or broken, both convenience and safety are compromised.

What is a Trunk Latch?

Your trunk latch is the mechanism designed to keep your trunk safely locked. When working properly, it gives you full control over the position of your vehicle’s trunk—it opens when you want it to and remains safely locked when you are in motion.

In modern cars and trucks, a trunk latch is made of two primary components—a latching mechanism and an anchor handle. While the system is generally designed to last, it can require attention if it becomes damaged or suffers from wear and tear.

How Do You Know if You Need a Trunk Latch Adjustment?

Thankfully, there are often warning signs that your trunk latch is broken, failing or wearing out. In most cases, if you can catch a problem early on—before parts have broken or the system has failed entirely—you will have a better chance of repairing the latch.

Here are a few signs that a trunk latch adjustment is in order:

  • The trunk won’t shut properly, or takes several tries
  • The sound of trunk locking has changed
  • The trunk won’t lock properly
  • One side of the trunk is closed more than the other
  • The trunk is difficult to open

If you encounter any of these scenarios, be sure to examine your trunk latch and either make a repair yourself or have your vehicle serviced by a certified mechanic.

Reasons to Repair

While you may not need a list of reasons to fix a broken trunk latch, the risks of not doing the repair work are worth mentioning:

  • Over time, normal wear and tear can cause metal locks to misalign
  • If your trunk doesn’t close properly, water can seep inside your car
  • Your trunk could pop open while driving
  • Pressure against your trunk door (when parked on a hill) could cause it to pop open

In short, a broken trunk latch is much more than an inconvenience. It is a safety hazard for you those around you.

How Much Does It Cost to Make a Trunk Latch Adjustment?

If your trunk latch is jammed, sticky, or makes a funny noise on opening, the first thing you need to know is whether it can be repaired, or if it needs to be replaced.

If it only needs an adjustment, you will save money on both parts and labor.

While the adjustment latch cost will vary, and variables such as make and model will have an impact, you can expect to spend $120-$200 for a trunk latch adjustment at a certified mechanic.

Can I Fix The Trunk Myself?

If you aren’t afraid to do the work yourself, a trunk latch adjustment can be relatively straightforward.

If you’re wondering how to fix the trunk latch, you’ll need to do some research for your specific car manufacturer. Then you’ll be ready for a few basic steps:

  1. Find the trunk latch on your door or hatch.
  2. Locate the corresponding latch striker on the base of your trunk.
  3. Remove covers and inspect for wear and tear or obvious misalignment.
  4. If necessary, tighten latch bolts.
  5. Recover both latch and latch striker.
  6. Test functionality and tweak, if necessary.

If your efforts don’t make a difference, it may be time for professional assistance or even a trunk latch replacement.

Get an Expert Opinion

If you’re unsure whether to make your trunk latch adjustment yourself or have the work done by a professional, contact Prieto Automotive for a free consultation.

We’re happy to talk all-things cars.

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