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Trunk Latch Release Cable Replacement

Taking Care of Your Trunk Latch Release Cables: A Comprehensive Guide 

Most car owners don’t think about the importance of a trunk release cable until something goes wrong. The latch-release wires are expensive and difficult to replace, so it’s important to be proactive for your safety and convenience.

Here we’ll outline the common problems that can occur with these cables and offer some tips on how you can keep them in top shape for years to come! If it’s too late and your cable needs replacement, we’ll go over that too.

What is A Trunk Latch Release Cable?

A trunk latch release cable is a thin, flexible wire that attaches to the handle inside your car. The other end of the line is attached to the rear or front jack point on either side of your car’s body-work so you can open and close your door from outside by pulling on it.

The main function of this cable is to control the locking and unlocking mechanism of your car’s trunk. These cables are often subject to wear and tear, so it’s important to be proactive about their upkeep for future convenience!

What Causes Problems With Trunk Latch Release Cables?

Two common problems can occur with these cables: breakage and rust.

Breakages typically happen when the cable is being used frequently, like if you’re using it to open your trunk every day for storage or transporting large items in and out of your vehicle. Your cables are at risk for breakage anytime they’re pulled on too hard, so make sure not to over-extend them while closing and opening your trunk!

Rust is another common problem that can occur with these cables. The constant exposure to water, salt, snow, ice, and other sources of moisture makes it hard for the cable’s coating to stay in place. This causes rusting on any exposed areas, which will eventually lead to breakage if not fixed promptly.

The best way to prevent these common problems is to take care of your cables. Be sure that you’re not over-extending them or subjecting them to more wear and tear than they can handle, so be mindful about the items you transport in and out of your trunk!

How Do I Know My Cable Needs Replacing?

If your cable has broken, you’ll notice that the one end of it is either missing or dangling out of place. It’s common for cables to begin showing signs of rusting and wearing down over time when they’re being used constantly. The best way to check is just by looking at the cable.

If you’re not sure whether your cables need any maintenance, it’s best to take them in for an inspection! If you leave these problems untreated, they’ll eventually cause other damage that could be costly or time-consuming to repair.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace a Trunk Latch Release Cable?

The cost to replace a trunk latch release cable is $140-$175 at our garage, and it only takes about an hour at most. We offer this type of service in-house with no hassle or out-of-pocket expense on your end!

Prieto Automotive is a trusted auto repair shop that has been in operation for over 25 years. We offer a wide range of services at our garage, including trunk latch release cable replacement!

What Is The Process Of Replacing a Trunk Latch Release Cable?

Our technicians will begin by inspecting the area where your cable has become detached to see how much damage there is. If the cables are badly damaged or simply need an update, we’ll cut and replace them with a brand new one!

The process of changing out your trunk release cables usually takes about 40 minutes for both sides, but you can expect that it will be less time if you’re only replacing the cables and not repairing any other issues.

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Trunk Latch Release Cable Replacement