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Trunk Lock Actuator Replacement

Trunk Lock Actuators: What Are They, and How to Get Them Replaced? 

The trunk lock actuator is a part of the vehicle that unlocks and locks the trunk door. It helps to avoid carrying around keys or remembering to lock your car each time you get out.

When it breaks, we highly recommend replacing it with a new one as soon as possible because leaving an unlocked trunk unattended is dangerous for everyone involved.

In this post, we’ll show you how easy it is to replace the trunk lock actuator with the help of professionals!

How Does A Lock Actuator Work?

A lock actuator is a part of the door that unlocks and locks it. To unlock, you must press or pull on a release mechanism that actuates the lock to open. There is no need for any action when locked because it will automatically close when released by gravity.

If your vehicle has an electric trunk lid or fuel door, it will use an electric lock actuator. Manual locks can be actuated by a handle or push rod attached to the locking mechanism inside of the door.

When you press the unlock button on your fob key remote, the signal will go to your lock actuator. It then sends a current to the solenoid, which opens it, and when you close it again, that electric current is cut off from your trunk lid or fuel door.

The lock actuators are used in many different door locks on a car. They can be found in the trunk, fuel door, and as an electric trunk lid opener. If any of these parts break or stop working, you will need to replace them with a new one before driving your vehicle again.

Why does a Trunk Lock Actuator Break?

Trunk Lock actuators usually break due to a mechanical malfunction and can be expensive to fix. The most common cause of this type of break is corrosion built up over time due to weather or lack of maintenance.

Another cause of your truck lock actuator malfunctioning is that the actuator cable is too tight or loose. This can happen because of wear and tear but usually needs to be replaced after the lock is broken.

The trunk lock actuator could also stop working due to a malfunctioning latch mechanism, which will need replacement if it’s not functioning properly anymore.

Finally, a collision from the back can also cause the trunk lock actuator to break.

Replacing a Trunk Lock Actuator

When the trunk lock actuator breaks, you’ll notice it’s tough for you or your mechanic to open the lid without some force-but. Don’t worry; there is always a solution!

Since actuators are connected to your car’s electrical system, we recommend calling a professional mechanic like Prieto Automotive to replace the trunk lock actuator. They have experience with these types of repairs and will get it done in no time!

Prieto’s technicians are certified and trained to handle any type of car repair and installation. Let us take care of the hard work for you!

Cost To Repair:

The cost is typically around $200-$250, depending on your make and model. Our technicians will inspect the problem and draw up an estimate for you when you bring your car in.

Our prices are the fairest in town and include a full warranty. You’ll never have to worry about being stuck with a broken lock again!


It’s important to make sure your trunk lock actuator is functioning properly. It could save you from a lot of headaches and hassles! As always, we recommend that you call Prieto Automotive for all of your car repair needs to have the best technicians in town who specialize in this type of thing.

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