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Buying a Pre-Owned Vehicle

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What are the benefits of buying a pre-owned vehicle? The main reason why people buy used over new is because of the lower cost. But there is much more to it than that. At Prieto Automotive, we welcome you to browse our used inventory so you can reap in the benefits of shopping pre-owned. 

Lower Expenses

Yes, used vehicles are cheaper than new. That’s the basic idea, right? But do you know how great the difference is in costs? Buying a car that is two or three years older than the latest version of the exact same model could knock off about half the price. And say if you were to buy a 2017 model, just a couple years older than what’s on the market now, you will mostly likely still be able to enjoy modern technology like safety and convenience features. 

Other than the vehicle itself being cheaper, used cars come with less fees compared to their newer counterparts. The cost of a new vehicle usually includes fees for shipping and preparation. At Prieto Automotive, we make sure our used vehicles have already gone through all of the necessary procedures to make things easier and cheaper for you.

You know what else will cost less? Your insurance and registration. Since used vehicles have already gone through most of its depreciation, insurance payments are lower because the amount to be covered isn’t nearly as much as a brand new car. And since registration fees are based off of the value of your car, pre-owned vehicles have lower bills. 

Other Benefits

When shopping for a used car, it can be hard to trust the word of the person selling it to you. But if you go to a dealership, especially any Prieto Automotive location, you will find certified pre-owned vehicles. A certified pre-owned vehicle has gone through very thorough inspections by licensed experts to ensure that it is safe to be on the road. This way, you never have to worry about buying a car that will break down anytime soon and you’ll know that everything works how it should. 

It’s also easy to learn everything you need to know about the used car you’re interested in because nowadays you can find detailed records of most cars that have been purchased in the last few years. You will have more information on recalls, repairs, etc. about the vehicle in question. 

The best part about shopping pre-owned? You have many more options to choose from! While each brand is limited to a handful of new options each year, you’ll see a variety of used vehicles that span nearly a decade. If you’re lucky, you might even come across something a bit rare. 

When you shop for used vehicles with Prieto Automotive, you’ll know right away that you’re in good hands because we are transparent with the history and details of our vehicles and we offer great pricing that’ll make you happy. Call or visit any of our stores or view our used inventory online to find a car that’s perfect for you!  


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