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The Story Behind Subaru of Sonora

Subaru of Sonora is owned by the Prieto Automotive Group. While this is only one part of our story, it’s through this ownership that our dealership has enhanced its community focus.

Community relationships are one of Prieto Automotive Group’s prime directives as an organization. So, unsurprisingly, we center our mission around providing job opportunities for local residents and implement initiatives that give back to our town. Furthermore, we provide those living in the area with safe and steady vehicles that drive like a dream.

Leading by Example

Our general manager, Kelly Robinson, is integral to putting Sonora citizens in the front seat of high-functioning, safety-forward Subaru automobiles. He pushes our team to give our outstanding town top-notch service, focusing on more than vehicles and pricing. In fact, this approach is a driving force in our dealership’s evolution into a vital pillar in the surrounding community.

About Sonora County:

Small Town Vibes Where Mom and Pop Stores Can Thrive

In the hustle and bustle that many outsiders associate with California, Sonora is a welcome change of pace. More specifically, these small-town vibes are partially due to its population a touch under 5,000.

What does that mean exactly?

Sonora California Charm

For the most part, we all know one another in Sonora. That’s the beautiful part about living in a small town. Whether it’s the picturesque downtown area or any of our breathtaking wineries, virtually anywhere you visit feels like home. Everybody treats you like a member of their family. Such charm is what we intend to emulate when you visit our Subaru dealership.

Enter Our Dealership, and We’ll Treat You like Family.

Making Subaru of Sonora feel like home for our customers comes naturally.

After all, our customers are frequently our friends and family. As such, when you visit our establishment, it’s similar to visiting an old pal. We take it personally to provide our community with the best possible services and products, making us that much more committed to delivering value.

A Local Sonora Business Helping Local Businesses

Shopping local is meaningful to us. Our team is mainly from the Sonora area and wants to give back to many community businesses.  Moreover, as a Subaru retailer, we know that the more robust the town’s economy, the more people will shop at our establishment. Therefore, more residents will have a chance to purchase one of our expertly build automobiles that keep them safe on the road.

Setting the Gold Standard

Deeply ingrained in Sonora’s identity is its critical role in the California Gold Rush. Furthermore, the town was once a booming industry and trade center in California’s Mother Lode. That “gold standard” spirit is what inspires us at Subaru of Sonora, whether it’s through repairs, sales, and other services.

Upholding Sonora’s Natural Beauty

Sonora is home to Yosemite National Park, found in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Amid the natural beauty, you’ll discover eye-catching, ancient sequoia trees and iconic vista views. Our town is also famous for the Stanislaus National Forest, which manages 898,099 acres of land. 

Given that natural beauty is part of Sonora’s identity, we work tirelessly to uphold that pride-filled standard. We sell fuel-efficient vehicles built with environmentally sound practices, whether new or used.

How Do We Show Our Commitment to the Sonora (and Surrounding) Communities?

So far, we’ve discussed how our surrounding community is important to us. However, the love we have for Sonora’s residents goes beyond what we say in our messaging. Instead, it extends to our team’s volunteer efforts and our adherence to the Subaru Love Promise.

Upholding Subaru’s Love Promise to Our Community

Spearheading our efforts to help bolster the Sonora community Is Subaru’s transcendent Love Promise. We work with local charities and philanthropic organizations to give back to our home through this ambitious, kindness-driven initiative.

Helping Improve Local Cancer Patients’ Quality of Life

Our partnership with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) has been immensely fulfilling for our team.

For instance, via this partnership, we’ve provided the Diana J. White Cancer Institute with blankets. Beyond that, we attached handwritten notes of encouragement. Given that poverty is a growing problem throughout Tuolumne county, doing our part to help requires no second thoughts. Giving impoverished cancer patients warmth during colder months, when they can’t afford heat, is an absolute necessity. It’s a point of pride that we’ve helped give our ailing neighbors some added support and compassion during trying times.

In a Bind? We’re Here for You.

Not only do we sell expertly crafted vehicles, but we also perform repairs, including emergency fixes. On several occasions, when about to close (once during Christmas Eve!), we’ve received calls from customers in need. Going the extra mile and being available during these urgent scenarios is 2nd nature to our team. As a community leader, it’s important to us to ensure the roads are safe and that residents can reliably get from a to b. Transportation helps make this fast-paced world go round—Subaru of Sonora fully embraces the prominent role we play in this regard. 

A Passion for Finding Homes for Local Pets

There’s no denying our love of pets. This obsession with four-legged furballs is shared amongst our entire team. We all passionately believe that dogs, cats, and other domesticated animals deserve loving homes where they can enjoy an excellent quality of life. As such, we’ve built a flourishing partnership with a Sonora-based pet-adoption agency called Friends of the Animal Community.

What Do Our Community Members Experience When They Step into Subaru of Sonora?

The number one guiding principle and philosophy within our dealership is putting our best forward for the people living in our community. It’s worth mentioning that while we are located in Sonora, we frequently service and sell to customers from Angels Camp, Arnold, Jamestown, and San Andreas. Regardless of where you’re from, we’ll treat you like our neighbor. We’ll provide respectful, passionate, dedicated service with the trademark attention to detail synonymous with our brand.

Keeping Our Customers Informed

It’s crucial for us that our community members drive the car that offers them the most value – based on their unique needs.

Are you interested in the latest Subaru Impreza, Legacy, Forester, Ascent, WRX, or Outback model? Then you’ll have access to the full scope of features and capabilities. Is a used car more suitable for your budget? Our inventory is chockful of older vehicles that provide incredible value and high-level function. And our expert team will tell you everything you must know to make the most insightful purchasing decision.

Versatile Financing Options

It’s even more important to us that our fellow Sonora residents make wise purchasing decisions. This is where our reliable finance teams come into play. They possess vast expertise in creating payment plans that fit your budgetary needs.

Going Above and Beyond Sales

Your journey with us doesn’t end once you purchase your new or used Subaru. We wouldn’t be much of a neighbor if we left you to fend for yourself once you left the parking lot. Our sky-high service standards exist well past when you sign the dotted lines. We believe our customers deserve a fruitful, satisfying ownership experience. Thus, our onsite auto service and repair team is available when you need them, ensuring your Subaru runs at its peak.

Do you prefer to DIY your own repairs? We’re still happy to help; we sell a diverse range of car parts to help you get the job done correctly.

Service Focused on Kindness and Empathy

When you enter the Subaru of Sonora location, you make an immediate unspoken agreement with our team. You might merely be window shopping. Conversely, you could be 100% intent on making a purchase. Either way, you’ll experience the kindness, empathy, and authenticity that exists inside our entire team. We want your visit to be an experience that reflects our surrounding community’s excellence and positive core values.

A Comprehensive Approach to Service the Sonora Community

At our retailer and repair shop, we’re here to help Sonora and its surrounding communities with all things Subaru. The only thing you must figure out is what kind of product or service you need. Give us a call at 888-459-2955 if you have a sales inquiry. Alternatively, feel free to drop by and say hello. We’re always happy to chat with our neighbors. You’ll find us at 13254 Mono Way Sonora, California.

Subaru of Sonora is a Proud Community Pillar

From downtown Sonora to the town’s wineries, mom-and-pop economy, and picturesque natural beauty, there’s a lot to be proud of. What we take even more pride in is being a leader and pillar in this thriving community.

As the years go by, we look forward to forging and cultivating relationships while making local inroads that contribute to Sonora’s ongoing growth.

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