Sites to Buy and Sell Cars

The Top 7 Sites to Buy and Sell Cars

If you’re in the market for a new or used car, you’re probably searching around for a good deal. But this can be quite time-consuming! This article has rounded up the seven top sites, to buy and sell cars for the best prices.

One problem is deciding whether to go new or used? New cars, although they look nice, actually lose up to 25% of their value as soon as you drive them off the lot. Which isn’t a great return on your investment.

But, on the flip side, buying a used car is a risk. While some models are more reliable than others, who knows whether it will break down a week after you‘ve bought it? The car trader can give you all the reassurance he likes, but an old car could have been misused for years by an unruly first owner.

Of course, a used car is given lots of attention by a mechanic before it gets sold again. But we always have to keep in mind – old is still old. Plus, it might not come with a full warranty on repairs like some new vehicles.

So, your first decision to make is: will you buy new or used? The second thing to decide is: if you have a car to sell, how will you get the best price for it? To help you make the right choice, we’re going to look at the top seven sites to buy and sell cars at the best prices.

Recommended Sites to Buy and Sell Cars

1. Prieto Automotive

Prieto Automotive buys and sells vehicles nationwide. In a few clicks, you can shop thousands of new and used cars. And with the best price guaranteed, you don’t have to worry about haggling with the dealer.

Just click the ‘’search cars’’ tab and filter depending on the make, model, and type you’re looking for. On the left-hand side, you can further niche down your search by choosing the exact features, color, transmission, cylinder, and status you require.

Net Price: $8,995*


145K mi

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Stock # 22M362B


Net Price: $11,653*


170K mi

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Stock # C6187


Net Price: $11,761*


66K mi

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Stock # 22T798A


Net Price: $12,990*


84K mi

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Stock # 23M185A


And Prieto Automotive loves buying old cars and breathing life back into them. It doesn’t matter the make, model, or condition, the team at Prieto will give you a great deal. Contact Prieto today for help buying or selling a car.


NADA allows you to search for new and used cars priced from $15k to over $75k. Sort each by miles per gallon, make and even filter by location-based best prices. To get help working out costs, use the handy payment calculator and click on the Geico link to see insurance quotes.

A unique tool on this site is the four-car comparison tool. Here you can compare four cars you like seeing breakdowns of the price, MPG, interior/exterior images of each, and a five-year cost projection. Very handy if you’re struggling to make a choice.

3. KBB

KBB (Kelley Blue Book) is a long-standing, trusted place to get car valuations. It started out as a hard copy book in the 1960s. Now, things have moved on with their website and mobile app being the place to go for valuations, car guides, reviews, and more.

KBB is now linked to Auto Trader and together, they provide fair market prices for new and used vehicles. Check out their top 10 lists which help you find the best value vehicles according to your likes.

If you’re looking to trade your vehicle in and get another new or used vehicle, KBB is a great place to do some research.

4. Edmunds

Edmunds uses a ‘’price promise guarantee’’ to cut out the need for exhausting haggle sessions with the car dealer. Just identify the car you want, ask for a price promise coupon, and take it with you to the dealership.

You can also use the True Market Values option for dealer retail, trade-in, and sales by a private party. Fill in your zip code, model, make and trim of the car you want. You’ll then be presented with ‘’true market value’’ so you can determine if it’s right for you.

5. Autotrader

Autotrader was one of the first publications designed to help people find a used car at a great price. Since the magazine days, things have moved on and the Autotrader website has all the same great features for car buyers and sellers, plus more.

Have a scroll through their car research and review section, where you can calculate what you can afford. Next, use the car investigation tool which allows you to filter cars by technical specifications, body style, access reviews, and price.

They even have a handy used car buying guide, helping you find the perfect used car.

6. Craigslist

You can buy many things on Craigslist including cars. The benefit of buying through a private seller here is getting a better price than with a retail dealer. Of course, this comes with an element of risk. You’ll have to do your own research on sellers and check out the condition of any car you want to buy.

Have a search through the auto section and filter results according to your needs. Be sure to read their guide to avoiding the scams section. Because you cannot contact the seller through Craigslist, it has to be done off-site. Another thing to remember is; you probably won’t receive any warranty buying from a private party seller.

7. eBay

eBay is another long-standing platform where you can buy pretty much anything. Check out their ‘’used car’’ section for access to many private party seller listings. Browse my model, technical specifications, and for different parts and accessories.

To sell your car on eBay, choose from an auction or Buy It Now listing. The latter helps to speed up the sale, allowing someone to offer you the money without bidding against others. eBay will take fees, which are calculated depending on how you sell your vehicle and what price it sells for.

So, those are the top seven sites to buy or sell cars. Whichever site you decide to go with, always do your research and ask for expert advice.

Sites to Buy and Sell Cars

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