Top Rated All Season Tires


If you need a fresh set of tires, we have put together a list of top-rated all-season tires that land on the most affordable end of the price spectrum. The list breaks down the UTQG rating of the tires, which is a U.S. government rating system that communicates and standardizes the tire’s treadwear, its traction in wet weather stopping, and heat resistance, and is stamped on the side of the tire.   

Top Rated All Season Tires



First on the list is the Toyota Extensa A/S II. This tire is designed for cars, minivans, and all measures of compact crossovers and SUVs. The recently introduced Extensa A/S II takes over from the original Extensa as Toyo’s main passenger tire. Silent Wall technology makes for a quieter ride, and adds silica in the compound, which helps the tire remain cooler on the highway, and more pliable in colder temperatures.   

The non-directional tread design helps with easier tire rotations to even the wear, therefore extending the lift on all four tires. It comes in T to V-speed ratings, at a price lower than Toyo’s Versado Noir touring tire.   

A lengthy 120,000 km tread wear warranty comes with all non-V-rated Extensa II, while the more performance-oriented V tires have a 105,000 km warranty. Its high UTQG rating of 620AA on most of the line helps support that high treadwear warranty, with straight A’s down the line for its heat resistance rating. A few sizes go down to a B rating from the most common A scores for traction. As usual, the treadwear rating in larger sizes also decreases a bit, down to 580AB.   


Second, on the list of Top Rated All-Season Tires is the Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack. This Bridgestone is a good example of a tire at the more premium end of the economy all-season tires. Its longer treadwear warranty and higher speed rating will come with a heftier price.   

Offering a 130,000 km treadwear warranty, backed up by a notably lofty 800AA UTQG rating, the Turanza QuietTrack in a 205/60R16 size comes only with a V-speed rating, meaning it has been rated safe up to 240 km/h. There’s also a full 90-day refund or exchange offered on all Bridgestones.   

Tires range from 15-20 inch sizes, the QuietTrack offers sizes for more premium cars as well, its smallest a 195/65HR15 entry model.   

Average price for a 205/60HR16 tire: C$119   


Quite a bit of variety is offered by the Kumho Solus line, with all-weather Solus HA versions as well as the Solus TA11 all season. The entry-level tire however, is the Solus TA31, with sizes ranging from 13-inch, 175 mm-wide up to 235/65R18s.   

While the 500 part of its UTQG rating of 500AA reflects its lower overall expected life (and warranty), its A scores for both wet traction and heat dispersal rank closer to pricier entries. These Korean tires come as OEM equipment on quite a few cars (Hyundais especially), and various crossovers as well.   

If you are looking for a longer warranty, you might want to take a look at the TA11 line. It offers a 130,000 km warranty and higher 700AB UTQG rating.   

Average price for one 205/60HR16 tire: C$125    


Pricelist of the group is the Continental PureContact LS, though it often offers rebates and deals that change constantly.   

This tire comes with a 112,000 km warranty. The V-speed rating in the 205/60R16 size, certainly looks to be more performance-oriented on the specs front. Its 700AA UTQG rating suggests durability should be fairly lengthy compared to some rivals, and it comes with a 60-day replacement guarantee.   

Premium characteristics can also be seen in its sizing, as they start at 16-inch diameters and go up to 20s, with the vast majority in the 17 to 19-inch range.   

Average price for one 205/60VR16 tire: C$161   


Adding its name to the list of top rated all-season tires it, the Firestone Champion Fuel Fighter. Though now a division of Bridgestone, and often regarded as a less expensive sub-brand of the Japanese tire giant, Firestone as a brand was independent up until 1998, with many fans of the American brand remaining. Firestone’s efficiency-focused Fuel Fighter line of low rolling resistance tires falls into this price range, with Firestone claiming better fuel efficiency than its Affinity all-season tires, though not specifying by how much.   

The Champion Fuel Fighter is available in 14 to 18-inch sizes. It has a 115,000 km treadwear warranty, with an average 600AA UTQG rating. Many LRR tires offer stiffer sidewalls, therefore more heat resistance and generally smoother tread patterns, but often to the detriment of cold weather elasticity and winter performance overall.   

Average price for one 205/60HR16 tire: C$128   

Having knowledge of the Top Rated All-Season Tires will help you choose the right one for your vehicle.

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