What do all the symbols on your car’s dashboard mean?
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Every vehicle has dashboard lights, each that indicates a specific maintenance need. There are a few different ones, so sometimes it is difficult to determine which is which and what they mean. So, what do all the symbols on your car’s dashboard mean?

Check engine light

This usually indicates a problem in the various components of your car’s motor that has sensors connected to and actively monitored by an OBD-II interface. There are more than 4000 OBD-II codes that have their respective earnings. If this indicator light comes on, you might want to use an OBD2 scanner tool or have a technician do it for you.

Brake warning light

There are many reasons this will suddenly flash. First reason could be that your parking brakes are engaged or that your brake fluid level needs topping up. It can mean other things so our best bet is to check with your manual.   

ABS warning light

If this flashes you’d better bring it to the nearest automotive shop for proper diagnosis, because it is pretty important. Anti-lock braking systems keep your car stable and controllable in sudden stop situations. Special tools are necessary to find out what’s wrong.  

Coolant warning light

You know what this means. Your engine is overheating. First, you have to pull over. Second, open your hood. 3.  Allow it to cool down. Do not even attempt to open the radiator cap as the cooling system is actually highly pressurized. Do so when then the engine has already cooled down. 

Electrical fault light

If this stays lit even after the car’s self-test it simply means that your car’s electrical charging system has some issues that need to be assessed further. More often than not, an issue in the alternator will be at fault.   

Oil warning light

This typically flashes if the oil pressure in your engine is too low. Don’t ever attempt to drive your vehicle with this warning light on as it can severely, if not totally damage your engine. This warning light can be set off by low oil levels, oil pump failure, or even oil filter or oil stranger blockage.  

Service engine light

This is an indicator light that will usually tell you if a scheduled maintenance is required. It may come in various prints like, “service,” “maintenance required,” or “service engine.” Check manual for exact meaning.  

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