whats my car worth

Whats my car worth

Finding The Worth of Your Car is Easier Than Ever Before

There comes a time for every person when it makes sense to sell. Luckily, gone is the day of shady dealer estimates and unfair pricing for your beloved car. Now, more than ever, it’s possible to get fast, accurate, and personalized pricing appraisals for your vehicle.

If you’ve ever considered selling your used vehicle or wondered how much your car is worth, then keep on reading to learn about the most effective ways to find the value of your car.

What’s My Car Worth?

Deciding how much to sell your car for can feel impossible. Luckily, finding out the worth of your car has never been easier. Nowadays, there are a multitude of online tools and fair-price calculators that will crunch the numbers for you.

The industry standard for the most up-to-date car estimates is the Kelly Blue Book (KBB) Value. The KBB value is trusted amongst car buying and selling professionals across the country, including us at Prieto.

Like Kelly Blue Book, we have been pricing vehicles for decades. Over the years, our process has become more robust, and now, we can lean on our years of experience to conjure up the most accurate price possible.

Ourselves, Kelly Blue Book, and other similar pricing calculators create estimates based on:

  • Recent dealer transactions
  • Car depreciation
  • Trim level
  • Year, make & model
  • Accident history
  • Transmission type
  • Engine condition
  • Mileage
  • Custom details and features

Other Fair-Price Calculators

When it’s time to consider selling your car, we recommend that you use multiple sources of information to get the most accurate estimate, including Prieto Automotive.

Our car buying and selling professionals at Prieto Automotive can serve you as knowledgeable experts. But there are other price calculators that you should know about too.

Edmund’s Suggested Price

Edmund’s suggested price, formerly known as Edmund’s True Market Value, is another trusted figure for car value estimation. Whether you are looking to sell your car for cash, or as a trade-in, Edmund’s can help guide the process.

Edmund’s used car appraisal system even has “private party” and “dealer retail” options to help you get the right price depending on if you plan to sell to an individual, or to a dealership.

Consumer Reports

The Consumer Reports car value estimator is another valuable resource to consider when looking for the value of your used vehicle. The estimator from Consumer Reports functions like the calculators from KBB and Edmund’s. It provides you with a figure based on:

  • The year, make, model, and trim line of your car
  • The car’s conditions and mileage
  • Any other options or advanced features your car has

Selling Your Car at Prieto Automotive

We here at Prieto Automotive are interested in buying your car and want to help facilitate the process. We know that selling a car can feel cumbersome. But if you bring your vehicle to us, no matter the condition, we’ll perform an evaluation, pitch an estimate and strike a deal!

Seamless Transaction Process

Selling your car does not need to be a nightmare. In fact, it’s possible to make the experience the complete opposite. At Prieto Automotive we’ve worked hard to streamline the car selling process so that you can get cash for your car quicker.

Fair Pricing Offers

We understand that you are incentivized to get the most for your vehicle. We would do the same. That’s why we never low-ball our customers, and always start with the fairest, most competitive price. We estimate cars based on fair market price and the Kelly Blue Book industry standard.

We Buy Almost Anything

We can find value in practically any car out there, regardless of its condition. If you are thinking, “there’s no way the folks at Prieto will want this”, kindly think again. We’d like to evaluate the car and find a deal that suits you. And don’t worry, evaluations for any car are free!

Safe Selling Experience

Selling your car is a big deal. The process requires a decent amount of time, a lot of money, and personal information. For those reasons alone, making the experience as safe as possible is crucial. By selling your car at Prieto, you can avoid the unsafe selling interactions that can occur with websites like Craigslist and other third-party websites. We care about you and your satisfaction and want to make the experience as safe and pleasant as possible.

Instant Cash Offer

There’s no need to wait weeks for your payment to arrive in your bank account. For the right car, and the right deal, we can put cash or check in your pocket the very same day!

Let’s Make a Deal

If you are in the market for selling your car, bring it over to Prieto Automotive, and let’s make a deal. Contact us ahead of time, or just come on down. We’ll set you up with one of our automotive experts and get you paid as quickly as we can!

whats my car worth

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